Tankwars - igrice.io
INSTRUCTION: Team Conquest: Capture the zones together with your team, and get to 1000 points first! Tactics and teamplay is a vital part in this gamemode. Play both defensively and offensively, synergy is needed to hold the map. King DeathMatch: Everyone is an enemy! Kill or be killed! Each enemy kill nets you part of their points, the highest scoring tank at any given time is automatically given the crown and becomes king. Get 10000 points to win the game!
HOW TO PLAY: Controls have been taken one step further utilizing the familiar W S A D for movement and 1 2 3 4 5 6 for control of the various abilities. The options (click ESC) offer full rebinding for the perfectionist. To EDIT your tank design Login and click Edit in the lower left corner on your tank.
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